B.Sc Nursing Salary In India – Working in a noble profession like Nursing, this the most profitable career for both men and women. According to the study, the demand for a nurse has been increased due to the increase in global health issues. Because the nurse is the help to aid people in a better way. To survey the issue, medicate, maintain, and prevent diseases as soon as possible. In the following article, we’ll inform you about B.Sc nursing salary in India.

B.Sc Nursing Salary In India

Further, Nursing has become a highly reputed and demanding field for the current world. To maintain and medicate the needy one, the professional has been taken the demand a lot higher. In terms of nurses in India, the shortage of nurses appears due to a lack of education and educational sectors. But still, the profession is experiencing thunder.

Are you planning to make a career in the nursing field? Are you looking for the benefits if B.Sc nursing? If questions appear in your mind then your search ends here. Today, we’ll discuss the importance of the nursing field. Because the nursing profession is a highly reputed field that brings happiness to serve care. Additionally, we’ll give you the proper info about the B.Sc Nursing salary in India Government below.

B.Sc nursing jobs in India

Today, Indian is facing a shortage of nurses as compared to other countries. While having billions of population in India, there only 2 million nurses left to serve human care. Moreover, it is a nurse that is considered to be the hearth of human health care for every country. As this is the only professional that plays a vital role in community health care. Also, the health-related industries have been grown up as per the growing need of nurses does.

Consequently, health care industries like hospitals becoming advance and providing multiple specialty care to the population. The assumption of growth rate in the nursing profession. By 2020, the rate of nurses will rise due to the rate of employment area for them. Here we’ve listed some B.Sc nursing jobs in India where you can get the idea of locations to enroll in. Scroll down and read the jobs with salary packages annually as well below.

  • Staff Nurses – 2.2 Lacs
  • Operation managers – 7.2 Lacs
  • Emergency medical technician/Paramedic – 1.8 Lacs
  • Manager Trainee – 3.5 Lacs
  • Claims Adjudicator/Medical – 2.4 Lacs
  • Medical Coder – 5 Lacs
  • Executive Administrative Assistant – 2.8 Lacs

Higher studies that you can apply in nursing

For a B.Sc (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), you need to do your 12th level or certification with at least 50% of the minimum score in Medical. Nursing is a field where the nurses get a salary as per their skills and practice. The more the nurses are experienced, the higher the earnings they offered. Because nursing is a highly respected profession that can be employed anywhere in the health care sectors.

Therefore, not bring just the graduate nurse, if you for post-graduation, Ph.D. or even doctorate. Your salary depends on the education level you perform. So, you need to be careful while studying and must gain experience as far as possible. Here we’ve listed the degree that you can pursue after graduation in nursing. Look at them below.

Master’s of Science in Nursing (M.Sc)

A specialized nurse in Masters’ is able to become a mid-level provider. For example, a nurse practitioner (NP) or certified registered nurse anesthetic (CRNA). These two courses are two years long and help to serve humanity for several years further.

Doctorate degrees in Nursing

The Doctorate degree is the highest level of professionalism in nursing. But make sure that you must complete your UG and PG first. Additionally, doctorate degrees contain two further categories: a Doctor for Nursing Practice and a Doctor of Nursing Science.


The average salary rate of graduate nurses varies between INR 3.2 – 7.8 Lacs annually. As per the position you applied for and your work duties, the salary amount will deviate. Last but not least, all you need to prepare to gain more understanding and skill to serve the needy one. Because nursing is a profession that acts as an advocate that fights for human health and prevent diseases.