GNM Nursing salary in Australia – Do you want to study and work in Australia? Well, if you wish to get employed in a positive environment like Australia has then this article is beneficial for you. Here, we would like to inform you about the GNM nursing salary in Australia. Because Australia has a huge economy rate that provides thousands of vacancies for overseas nurses. To come to work there and make their career better independently. So, take a look at the article to be Silver Oak College of nursing, the best nursing college of Punjab below.

GNM Nursing Salary In Australia

Well, GNM nurses refer to a general nursing and midwifery course. Basically, this is a 3 and a half year diploma course that assists you with the basic level of understanding in the nursing field. Also, this course completing has a great scope not just in Australia but other foreign countries as well. So, if you have better salary packages after completing the GNM course then we stand for you. Here, we would like to inform you about the GNM nursing salary in Australia. Because it is essential for all the nurses to be well-aware of their specialism and salary packages given by the Australian Government. 

Nursing In Australia

Australia is one of the most highly developed countries in India. A place that offers thousands of vacancies for overseas to students to come and educate in a positive learning environment. So, if you ever wish to get employed in any of the Australian health care sectors. With which, the applicant will get ultimate career benefits and opportunities as well.

GNM nursing jobs in Australia

What are the career prospects and career opportunities after complete the GNM nursing course? Well, GNM nursing although it is a diploma has great scope internationally. Essentially, GNM nursing has several offers of diverse job profiles. Here, check out some handful of job profiles available in front of GNM nurses:

  • Staff nurse
  • Home nurse
  • Health visitor
  • Community health worker

Well, such sorts of job opportunities will be given to the nurse after completing GNM nursing courses absolutely. And one can apply in any governmental, private, and institutional healthcare sectors to serve humanity. Also, you can check out the common health care sectors where one can find a job depending on their skills and understanding:

  • Public health centers
  • Government hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • NGOs
  • Old age homes
  • Government health schemes
  • Private hospitals and clinics
  • Government dispensaries

Therefore, these types of health care sectors are willing to provide you job opportunities. And also give you the chance to treat healthcare diseases. Moreover, if some wish to continue their studies such as B.Sc (Bachelor’s Of Science) in nursing then check out the list follow. The mentioned list will help you find access to diverse job profiles like:

  • Chief nursing officer
  • Assistant nursing officer
  • Critical care nurse
  • Pediatric surgery nurse
  • Nurse manager
  • Nurse4 supervisor
  • Rehabilitation specialist

Nurse salary Australia per hour

Ideally, the salary of a nurse depends on some basic factors of the opportunist. Because only a passionate person who has the capability to serve society’s welfare can become a nurse. In which, the profession demands hours of standing and treating illness, maintaining records, assisting the doctor and medicating the patient. So, if you are eligible enough to do so, then no one can stop in becoming a professional nurse.

Also, for those who are professional and well-trained in their specialties has a huge call internationally.  In terms of salary packages after finishing the GNM course. Well, the salary of GNM nurses in Australia is offered with great packages. Here, check out the per hour salary given to the nurses in Australia below:

  1. Clinical nurse – $49.15
  2. Midwife – $59.98
  3. Nurse – $37.64
  4. Practice nurse – $79.266
  5. Registered mental health nurse – $49.50
  6. Registered nurse – $44.11
  7. RN acute care – $43.73
  8. RN Anesthetics – $42.85
  9. RN Catheterization Lab – $40.64
  10. RN ICU – $48.92
  11. RN medical or surgical – $58.67
  12. RN Operating room – $49.03 


Therefore, the study that contains the salary ranges after the GNM course will guide you with the scope of GNM nursing in Australia. Because one of the most highly-developed countries like Australia has a huge call for international nurses. Because Australia’s health care sectors have advance and modern medical care aspects. To make your career great and life better.