GNM nursing salary in India – GNM is a diploma course that stands for General Nursing and Midwifery. It is designed to provide a general nurse with a solid educational foundation to engage in a nursing career or continue studying. Therefore, if you are searching for the salary of a GNM nurse then this article is beneficial for you. Read the article below and find out the GNM nursing salary in India. Scroll down for more.

GNM Nursing Salary In India

Importantly, GNM nurses are employed to care for patients in different health care sectors. It might include hospitals, clinics, government, and private institutions across the country. Furthermore, the roles will be like cleaning, dressing wounds, medication, and assisting the doctors or surgeons during operation. They do assign for the training to lead over the newborn babies and look for postpartum care as well. Now, read the GNM nursing salary in India below.

Benefits of choosing GNM nursing

Usually, people today want to get served instead of serving. But nursing is such a noble profession that demands a passion to serve for humanity. Also, today, India is facing al mot 2 million shortage of nurses. So, choosing such a profession to work for community health care can be more beneficial for you. Because the nursing profession provides several opportunities for the candidates to get a better career.

Additionally, if you choose to follow the GNM diploma course for nursing then we must tell you will achieve all your dreams. GNM is known as General Nursing Midwifery. For this, you need to successfully qualify 10+2 in Science with a 45% minimum score with a well-known board. Further, the career in ANM and GNM like diploma courses is very high. Because now the salary packages rise as per their duties and qualification.

  • Importantly, there are over 30% GNM schools in India to get enroll in.
  • The salary packages after completing GNM nursing is great.
  • You will get better employment areas after GNM Nursing in India.
  • The scope of GNM nursing is very high.
  • You can complete or make the future at an international level as well.

Employment areas after GNM nursing

What is the nursing salary GNM jobs in India? Which employment area will be best for GNM pursued nurses? Well, such types of questions always bother you when you think about your future. You need to be much confident about your passion and be focused to do so. Importantly, nurses play a vital role in medical sciences. That handles a lot of work, hours of standing and medicating, treating, and assisting as well.

You can check out the roles you can do in different employment areas as well. Because every year, there are thousands of vacancies come out. So, there is no need to worry about it. Here, we have mentioned the list of employment areas where you can work for. Now, read the following points carefully and choose your desired one.

  1. Nursing tutor
  2. ICU nursing
  3. Traveler nurse
  4. Midwife nurse
  5. Supervisor nurse
  6. Home care nurse
  7. Health care nurse
  8. Dispensary nurse
  9. Certified nurse assistant
  10. Government hospital nurse
  11. Community health center nurse

Therefore, these are the GNM nursing employment areas. The places where the student can apply as per their specialty to do so. Hence, those who are interested to do so much follow their passion to achieve future goals. Usually, the applicants are females and ages between 17 and 35. They must be in good health and submit their medical fitness certificate with documents.

The average salary of GNM in India

What is the salary of GNM nursing in India? Well, the salary packages for GNM nursing in India depends on the position the nurses are employed for. I.e., Depending on the level, the salary gets serve gently. You can search for the salary rate online as well. Further, even the online job site also shops the average salary of a GNM nurse varies between 4,500-12,000 rupees. Else, more the nurses have experience and gain knowledge, more their salary packages get a rise.


Last but not least, the above information is all about the importance of nursing and salary packages after the completion of GNM nursing in India. Also, those who have better skills and understanding can compete at an international level. Countries like Canada, Australia, etc. are willing to serve you with better health care facilities and programs.