Growth of nursing in India – What to say about the nursing profession? Well, it is such a Nobel and virtuous profession that come to serve humanity. However, in the age of the old profession, nursing has a global demand to hold several responsibilities and opportunities. In which one can build a better career at a better place. Here, let us study the growth of nursing in India.

Growth Of Nursing In India

Essentially, the nursing profession required for taking care of the patients suffering from all sorts of physical and mental health issues. Nurses always have to monitor the situation of these patients and administer prescribed medicines at usual intervals. Further, they also help medical specialists and assist them to set up the medical tools in operation theaters and clinical laboratories.

Furthermore, nurses are required to assist the people who are unable to lead a normal life. Due to any major reason or another or are treating them for illness. Any other sort of general activity, the nurses can acquire specialization in a particular area. It might include midwifery, cardiac, care, intensive care, orthopedics, etc. But how to build a career opportunity in Nursing?

Nursing in India

Well, nursing is not about only to take care of the needy ones. The other responsibilities for a qualified nurse involve teaching, administration, and research like work as well. Indeed, an interesting aspect of this profession is that a huge majority of nurses are females. Although, men are also showing great interest and concern in this profession as well. So, aspiring nurses can get into this at different levels needs requirements.

Here, you can get admission into the ANM or GNM like diploma courses. In which the ANM stands for auxiliary nurse midwifery which is a ½ years course that can be done after the 10th. And the GNM course stands for the General nursing and midwifery course which is 3½ years course and can be done after 12th. Apart from these diploma courses, one can do a bachelor’s degree in nurses and go for a master’s degree afterward.

Specialization in the nursing field

Well, one can come to build better career opportunities. Because nurses have a huge call rate in India and can be served with several specializations at different levels and different health care sectors. All you need to pick is the right profession for you to have a chance of choosing your field further. Specialization like:

  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Neuro Nursing
  • Nursing Education and Administration
  • Operation Room Nursing
  • Practitioner in Midwifery

The demand for nursing in India

Due to the rapid increase in health-related disorders, the need for nurses has been raised with it. Because nurses are required to serve for better healthcare facilities to the community. So, there is an endless demand for nurses in the country. Although, the supply of nurses is really falling short of meeting this ever-growing call.

According to recent research, there are probably 10.3 lakh nurses enrolled with the nursing council. Although, only four lakhs of these nurses are actively in service today in India. A huge rate of nurses has left the service due to retirement, marriage, and immigration like services. So, there is a vast gap in demand and supply. The increase in healthcare facilities, job projection for nurses looks brighter than ever before. And more health care sectors are being come up.

The bottom line

Therefore, the foregoing study will guide you about the evolution of the nursing profession in India. Because nurses are two-thirds of the health workforce in India. Their central roles in health care industries are to promote, prevent, treat, care, and rehabilitation. Also, there are contributions towards achieving a better career in nursing. A passionate professional nurse can be defined through their skills, understanding, ability to work, treat, care, support, and manage critical care.

That is why the demand for skilled nurses is now at the international level. In fact, Indian emerged as the major provider of nurses in foreign countries.