MSC nursing salary in USA

MSC nursing salary in the USA – The nursing profession is reaching to a great extent, as the demand for nurses is increasing globally. This is the reason that the payscale of nurses is also increasing and in the USA the payscale of nurses is quite great. MSC nurses who are willing to go for nursing jobs in the USA will enjoy the excellent amount of salary packages. Swipe down to know more information about MSC nursing salary in the USA.

MSC nursing salary in USA

Masters level nursing careers attainable at this time. One requires to go for a bachelor’s in nursing first. After this is completed, you must successfully pass a Masters in nursing to avail of a higher level of job opportunities in the USA.

This will leads you towards a great nursing career foundation and you will earn a huge amount of salary packages. Here below is the entire information regarding MSC nursing salary in the USA.

MSC Nursing Salary In USA

Every nursing student wants to go for great nursing career opportunities, and especially when it comes to going for job opportunities in the USA. If you are a nurse, you would like to know more about the nursing salary in the USA.

The nursing profession is the one that offers a great salary packages as here is a great demand for nurses. there are about 2,955,200 nurses presently working in the United States according to the Occupational Outlook handbook reveals that. At an average rate of 15% each year, his number is projected to grow

Role of a registered MSC nurse in the USA

There are distinctive roles in the nursing profession, in USA nurses are employed in various nursing departments. The nurse will be registered with a license to practice and will be called Registered nurses (RNs). These nurses are entitled to coordinate the patients and staff and ensure to handle the things frequently with great care and responsibility.

Moreover, these nurses do provide the knowledge to the patients regarding what sort of health issues they are facing with recent information. They also provide health-related advice to the public and patients. Nurses are also involved in educating family members of patients and providing emotional support to the patient and their relatives.

Nurses’ salary depends on the nursing role

As in any profession, the nurses’ salary in the USA depends on the role of the nurse. The role of the nurse or the designation is based on qualifications and experience. By 15% each year from 2016 to 2026 the number of nurse jobs is projected and growing day by day. The salary of nurses in the USA will also increase proportionately. As the demand for skilled nurses is quite huge in the USA.

The number of nurses will increase by 437,000 by the year 2026 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States government department of Labor. With the increasing demand for nurses, the salary packages are also increasing as well. The people are willing to spend more on their healthcare as the US economy improves significantly.

Salary pay for nurses in the USA:

  • Approx $156,000 per year: For Certified Nurse Anesthetist or CRNA.
  • Average $91,000 per year: Certified Nurse Midwife:
  • $87000 per year: For Clinical Nurse Specialist or CNS.
  • Average $89,000 per year: Nurse Practitioner or NP.
  • $80,000 per year: For Neonatology nurse or Pediatric nurse.
  • Approx $80,000 per year: Gerontological nurse practitioner or GNP/Geriatric nurse.
  • Endocrinology Nurse / Pediatric endocrinology nurse: $80,000 per year.


The aforementioned is the entire information about the MSC nursing salary in the USA and the roles and responsibilities of the distinctive nurses. Going for great nursing jobs in the USA definitely offers good salary packages at every level of nursing. So doing the Masters in nursing is quite essential to avail of the best job opportunities in the USA.