Nursing courses after 10thInterested in pursuit to become a nurse in the future? Check out this article to know about the available Nursing Courses you can choose for after completion of 10th standard schooling in India. Over years of development in the medical and allied health care sector, many school students do wish to pursue a career in the nursing field.  The immense popularity, nursing as a profession has garnered make it a top choice across Indian students.

Nursing Courses After 10th

Career options after completion of nursing courses are immense, opening up various opportunities for students to even pursue higher education in nursing as well. It would be fruitful for students to pursue those nursing programs that have been approved and recognized by the INC (Indian Nursing Council). Most of these courses are paramedical in nature and if you want to go for good nursing courses after 10th, then you have to wait for 2 more years as INC requires 10+2 qualification as the minimum eligibility criteria. The paramedical nursing courses offered to 10th passed students are-

  • Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant – duration of course
  • Diploma in Ayurvedic Nursing
  • Certification in Home Based Healthcare
  • Diploma in Rural Healthcare
  • Certification in Nursing Care Assistant

The certification courses generally have a duration of 6-12 months and the duration of diploma courses is 1.5-2 years. One may start working as a paramedic in the healthcare sector upon the completion of any of the above-mentioned courses.

Why go for Nursing courses after the 10th?

Pursuing nursing courses after 10th has been proven to be remunerative and profitable for those who wish for a better future for themselves and their families. Entering a profession, where skilled and qualified professionals are needed constantly in large, nursing courses after 10th ensures, that the demand for such candidates is fulfilled to the medical industry.

 Traditional Career paths- It is always advised for 10th qualified students interested to make a career in the nursing profession to opt for a Science stream with Biology, and after 11th, 12thstandard, they can go for B.Sc (Nursing) which is a basic course in this field. On completion, they can register themselves with the State Nurse Registration Council to become a registered nurse. They can then work as a nurse at Government hospitals, private hospitals, primary health centers, community health centers, and rehabilitation clinics.

Benefits in doing nursing courses after 10th– This might seem like a non-traditional method of pursuing a career-oriented education, the key benefit of pursuing a nursing course after 10th is the early entry into the industry. The on-field training and work experience that one receives might give them the edge over other candidates.

Job Prospects After completion of Nursing courses-

Many factors like the place of employment, your skills, and qualifications, the type of job roles will determine your salary and job prospects. Job profiles that you can pursue after graduating from a diploma/certificate course in nursing include:

  • Emergency Nurses
  • Community Health Nurses
  • Infection Control Nurses
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Nursing In-charge

Alternate Options after 10th standard

 If you want to pursue a career in the nursing field with higher educational qualifications, there are always alternate options available. First, complete your schooling to 12th standard. Depending on the stream selected, few are the options listed-

ANM (Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery) course –For those students who opted for Arts and Sciences stream after 10th students and wish to pursue a career in nursing.

GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) course- This course is only available to students who opted the Science stream.

B.Sc Nursing (Basic) This alternative path is for those students who opted Science stream snd cleared class 12th board exam with compulsory subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics or Biology.

Job Roles-

There are roles and function you have to perform under your job position and keeping the check on following aspects at your workplace are expected from any nurse-

  • Safety to the patient
  • Comfort to the patient
  • Personal Hygiene in the workplace
  • Basic Mental Health in general
  • Patient rights are protected at all times.
  • Diagnosing the patient with careful examination of physical symptoms as well as patient behavior.
  • To ensure consistency in care for the patient while documenting their progress with vigilance.


The nursing profession is in huge demand in these days of the global pandemic outbreak more than ever. The early entry to nursing will be beneficial for students after the 10th to gain more on-field knowledge and to grow their career prospects.