Nursing courses after 12thNursing, a field comes with the idea to serve for humanity. To cure the wound and take care of the illness, nursing is the one to be hired. So, if you wanted to make your career in nursing then you need to know about it. Here, we at Silver Oaks College of Nursing would like to inform you about the nursing courses after the 12th. Scroll down for more.

Nursing Courses After 12th

Further, the eligibility criteria to pursue any sort of program and the desire to have a career in any field comes with different courses. The councils and the governing bodies specially made the pattern of the courses for the students. So that the students who are pursuing nursing come to make a better future in their preferred field. Now, take a look at the article below and read more about the nursing course information. The courses that will make your future great and beneficial.

List of nursing courses after 12th

Essentially, Nurses are one of the pillars of medical and healthcare systems functioning in globally. They come to devote themselves to the services of needy people. That is why nurses have been preferred to be the one as they know to push an injection and provide care to the needy. They also help to maintain the records of the patients and check out their performances as well. So, if you wanted to know the nursing course details below:

GNM nursing course after 12th

Well, GNM stands for General Nursing and Midwifery is one of the most pursued nursing diploma courses. This course trains the students to be the first level of nursing operation experts in the health care sectors. Further, this is a diploma course that comes to make your service the education for 3 to 3.5 years of duration. The GNM course eligibility criteria are:

  • Student needs to pass the 12th level of education in science or medical field
  • You must have studied PCB combination with English as a compulsory subject
  • The one needs to pass 12th with a minimum of at least 40% of marks with a well-known board

ANM nursing course after 12th

Essentially, the ANM stands for Auxiliary nurse-midwifery is a diploma course that can be pursued after 12th. Here, this course us specially conducted with a duration of 2 years. The students who wish to pursue this diploma course need to be known as a registered nurse in a particular area. The eligibility criteria for this course are:

  • Students need to pass their 12th level of examination from a well-known board
  • You need to study any sort of course in Science, Arts, or Commerce in the 12th level
  • The student’s age need to be more than 17 years and less than 35 years

B.Sc. nursing course after 12th

Pursing a Bachelor of Science in the nursing field is one of the best and a beneficial option for the students. Because a bachelor’s degree comes to get the best education and better career scope. This is a very popular course of nursing that mostly deals in academic knowledge of the sectors of Nursing. Further, the students who have successfully studied PCB or science stream can join the bachelor’s degree. It will contain at least 3 years of being dome successfully. Here, check out the B.Sc. nursing course eligibility:

  1. Students need to successfully do their 12th level of education in science or medical stream
  2. You need to study PCB with English as a compulsory subject in 12th
  3. The students must have passed their 12th with at least a 40% score from a well-known board


Last but now least, the aforementioned study will guide you about the courses to pursue after 12th in nursing. And nursing course eligibility is also written in between the essential information. So that you can come to pursue your desired course and make a better future in the Nursing field both nationally and internationally.

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