Tips for choosing best nursing college in India – When it comes to choosing the best nursing college in order to pursue a great career foundation and making the nursing career strong. It is extremely important to choose the best nursing college. Not only it will make you aware of the study criteria but the facilities, and future job opportunities. So make sure to check the details before taking admission to the nursing college. To make aware we have brought the tips for choosing the best nursing college in India, below.

Tips For Choosing Best Nursing College In India

While there are many options in India for nursing colleges but checking the details of each college and comparing them is the initial part to be performed before you switch to the college. From affiliation to looking for the clinical lab practices, placement opportunities, one must be aware of everything for taking admission in the best nursing college. So swipe down below to check out the top tips for choosing best nursing college in India.

Tips for choosing best nursing college in India

For taking admission to Nursing college make sure to choose the best one as it will lead you towards the better career opportunities ahead. So here below are the tips for choosing the best nursing college in India.

  • INC Affiliation status – First of all check out that the college is affiliated to the Indian Nursing Council. From the website of the Indian Nursing Council, you can check this out. There are some of the colleges that are not affiliated to INC, so check out the official website of INC, there you will get to see the list of INC affiliated colleges.
  • Hostel facility – It is important to check out the superior hostel facility by the college, as safety is the prime aspect to take care of, along with a better environment and healthy food facilities. The hostel should also have adequate toilets on the same floors where the students are staying. There should be separate hostels for boys and girls, according to the requirement of the INC. The built-up area for the hostel area should be about 20,000 square feet.
  • Faculty – in all the different specialties of nursing, there should be faculty. after her post-graduate qualification. The college should have a vice principal with at least 1 year of experience and also faculty in every nursing specialty. Also, there should be 1 clinical tutor for providing the practical classes to the nursing students.
  • Lab facilities – Take a note of the college in terms of providing adequate classrooms and other clinical lab facilities. According to INC there should be separate Anatomy labs, Nutrition lab, Community lab, Skill demonstration lab, Maternity lab and Pediatric lab. Each of these laboratories should have at least an area of 900 square feet for 40 students. If the number of students is more, the area should be proportionately higher. This is when the INC will consider the institution as the best nursing college for the intake of students.
  • Check if the college selected by you has regular classes for the students – The Indian Nursing Council makes it mandatory for students to have a good curriculum transaction. There should be adequate classes every day all through the year. There should also be a weekly or monthly assessments of student knowledge through tests. Other curricular activities like clinical postings and clinical exposure make the institution to be the best nursing college.


The aforementioned is the tip for choosing best nursing college in India, going through all these details will ensure that you will attain better education facilities and often go for a great nursing career ahead. Check out each and every aspect to get the admission is the best nursing college in India, and pursue your nursing career with the top-notch education facilities.