Top 10 Skills of a Nurse Nurses play a vital role in the healthcare system and its efficient functioning. They are connecting lines for good communication between a doctor and patient. They contribute to analyze, offer assistance, and comfort to the patients. They act as a bridge between doctor and patients’ families by informing them about the patient’s medical condition, current, and future treatment plans, also the physician’s aftercare instructions. The candidates must possess these Top 10 skills of a Nurse to be a successful professional in the healthcare system.

Top 10 Skills of a Nurse

Nurses who take hold of these skills in the work-life are quickly hired by top medical organizations. A career in nursing can be an awarding opportunity for people who actually feel responsible and truly are passionate to work in medical work settings. They can get a high bump in salaries and bonuses once they get recognized and get high quotient as problem solvers. These qualities make them a qualified professional that can manage and even act as administrator of nursing staff in the coming years of their career.

Top 10 Technical and soft skills of a Nurse

Looking for essential nursing skills? Well, being a nurse is the best and most respected field of all time. So, if you wanted to become a nurse then check out the nursing skills checklist below.

Strong Work Ethics

The hectic and exhaustive working hours can prove quite a challenge for people working in hospitals. There are no set work shifts, at the time of emergencies you have to be there. Nursing assistants are in high demand. Your job description requires you to have flexible working hours.  But doing work shifts of even 12 hours a day can drain many people. So, nurses must be physically and mentally determined for the job.

Critical thinking

With exposure to clinical settings, nurses gain knowledge outside the educational institute. They can recognize the problems of patients on their own. Nurses are self- sufficient in recognizing what is troubling the patient. Critical thinking is what helps them to adapt according to changes. They can then take quick decisions in highly stressful situations.

A Great Sense of Humor

As we all know, many people don’t wish to visit hospitals as they have this grim and serious environment. Most patients get feel of being suffocated in a depressing and anxiety-filled space.  It is expected out of the nurses that they radiate positivity around the patients in recovery and cheer them to improve their health.  A great sense of humor not only reduces anxiety and mental burden of the patients but also strengthens the immune system as we know “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Kindness and Compassion

A good nurse is considerate, sympathetic, non-judgmental to the patient. They should be most able to provide comfort and a sense of safety to the patient both emotionally and mentally. Patients with all sorts of ailments and mind-sets are admitted into hospitals. They must look after these patients with composure, calm, and compassion with kindness.

Alertness of Mind

Nurses are to act attentive and vigilant at all times and most expected during stressful situations like emergencies, traumatic events, and tragic illnesses. Any action and delay may be life-altering to the patients when doctors aren’t present in the hospitals.

Organizational Skills

All tasks in hospitals are organized and executed in a planned manner. Nurses have responsibilities to look after so many patients at a time. From filling medical charts and administering medications to the patients can bring stress without proper organizational skills. They should be ready to work in synergy with the rest of the hospital staff and healthcare team.

Consider alternative points of view

Nurses can get easily absorbed in patient’s care so sometimes they fell strongly about only specific diagnoses and procedures that will work. Nurses should be open to advise, even criticism as it is always better to have another pair of eyes. They should be ready to consider various alternative thought processes.

Tolerance for Squeamish Tasks

Being a nurse is not always a dignified job. They have the responsibility to look after the patients so menial tasks have to be done as well like taking urine samples, changing bedpan, and diapers. They must be mentally prepared for the nursing career.

Technical Knowhow

The technical skills to update and maintain databases of patients along with their medical history is not an easy job. Nurses should know the required computer operating skills. They must know about digital applications to check the body stats, track physical activity, and diet intake.

Communication skills

A nurse should be a good listener and the tone of speaking should be soft and polite. Nurses who are multilingual speakers are also paid higher due to easy understanding and assessing the situation of patients.

The bottom line

Therefore, the aforementioned study will guide you about the information about the list of top 10 nursing skills. Because being a nurse is like a care take of humanity. The handler that comes to handle great responsibilities and work.