Top GNM colleges in India – G.N.M. the General Nursing and midwifery course is a 3 years diploma course in Paramedics. This course focus to provide individuals, families and crowd healthcare. Moreover, the nursing filed requires years or understanding and skills to serve humanity. Therefore, if you’re wondering to get admission to the top G.N.M colleges in India then this article is beneficial for you.

 top G.N.M colleges in India

This article brings you the list of top G.N.M colleges in India to enhance career opportunities. To train and educate at a better place build a better career. Because the nursing filed is a path that increases its’ demand day-by-day. Not just in India, but the scope of nursing is internationally spread for community care. Check out the best nursing colleges list in the following session. For more details about this call us at 8146344322.

List of top GNM colleges in India

Nursing, a filed to work as an advocate for the sich and maternity care. Being a professional, nursing fields requires years of experience to medicate and maintain the records. To help the mother during pregnancy and community healthcare. That’s why the G.N.M. course is for.

Essentially, this subject focus to gain a qualification and general nurse training. In which, a person can successfully become a part of the medical community. So, if you wish to gain future opportunities then we stand for you. Read the following list where we’ve mentioned the G.N.M college’s list to study at a better place.

Silver Oaks colleges of Nursing, Punjab

Silver oaks nursing colleges of Punjab are highly reputed colleges. It offers a variety of courses in different fields of nursing. Further, it has a unique way of teaching and trains the student to create them professionally. Also, it has a great approach to the pharmacy and is one of the best GNM nursing colleges in India.

  Silver Oaks colleges of Nursing, Punjab
  1. Awarded by many renowned organizations
  2. It has a modern infrastructure
  3. This provides standard teaching

Indira Gandhi Institue of Medical Science (IGIMS), Patna, Bihar

An independent organization stands since 1983, it follows the pattern of All India Institue of Medical Science. This healthcare university provides education with super specialty medical facilities in Bihar. Further, it approves the 4 phases of massive projects in almost 6 years of completion. It offers the course fee of INR 24,000.

Indira Gandhi Institue of Medical Science (IGIMS), Patna, Bihar
  • It has 130.20 acres of land
  • Best medical care facilities

Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

This is India’s earliest skill-based institution to impart the quality of education. Additionally, it promotes research operators to advance knowledge to create professionals. The Rabindranath Tagore University has a crave to opportunity itself in the service of humanity borns in 2010. Also, the proposal of course feel is INR 45,000.

Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
  1. Its focuses on holistic learning
  2. This develops the students for a better future
  3. It has the approval of INC

Rayat Bahara University, Mohali

Further, the Rayat Bahara group of universities and institutions provides professional education in North India. They are glad to have experienced faculty, energetic students, complete staff support, and inspired management. Further, the campuses of this university have excellence in cultural research. It provides the G.N.M. course in INR 40,000.

Rayat Bahara University, Mohali
  • Well-lit buildings
  • State of the art infrastructure
  • Great facilities

Maharajah’s Insitute of Medical Science, Vizianagaram, Andra Pradesh

Maharajah’s university is the only kind pf teaching hospital in Vizianagaram. It is in the surrounding of amidst pristine at Nellimahara, Andra Pardesh.

Maharajah's Insitute of Medical Science, Vizianagaram, Andra Pradesh

Further, this institute has a great social and cultural heritage to serve good healthcare facilities. You’ll get to know the practical and theoretical training in 6539 sq. kilometers of area. Also, it offers you the fees for the G.N.M course about INR 17,000.

Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Chandigarh

The government college and hospital of Chandigarh are located in sector 32. It is a medical school and a tertiary care institution administrative by Punjab University. Moreover, it borns in the year 1991 with 36 acres of landscaping.

Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Chandigarh
  • This college has an intake of 150 students to teach and train.
  • It offers varieties of medical courses for different fields.
  • It’ll train you the G.N.M course in INR 44,000

Noida International University, Gautam Buddha Nagar

Recognized by UGC, the Noida International University is a world-class university. Importantly, it sponsored by Maruti Educational Trust has 11 schools that offer over 150 different streams.

Moreover, admissions set up by over 28 nations of candidates. This institution has a great environment to interact with and train. Besides, this institution presents you with the course of INR 52,000.

Noida International University, Gautam Buddha Nagar
  1. It has 75 acres of campus
  2. This offers over 150 programs in different fields


With the aforesaid article, you’ll get to make more career opportunities with the best private nursing colleges in India. Hence, all it requires a 12th level qualification. Additionally, with at least a 50% average score in the Medical field.