Top private nursing college in India – Be prepared and get ready to enroll with the top private nursing college in India below. Because nursing is a very demanding field. A field that brings an international call for nurses and providing medical education at a higher level. Not just Indian, but nursing is a request for Australia, Canada, and the USA as well. Now, read the article below and get more info regarding the top nursing colleges of India.

Top Private Nursing College In India

Furthermore, there are a lot more colleges with great infrastructure, advanced education, multispeciality healthcare facilities, etc. In the following article, we will help you to find the top B.Sc nursing colleges in India. Due to the rise in health care issues, the demand for hospitals is increased. To serve the health care facilities and quality education in medical fields that never go passe.

List of private nursing college in India

Which college is the best for nursing in India? Here, we will inform you that 850 nursing colleges in India. And there is almost 2 million need for nurses in India. Because to serve human needs, it becomes hard to work for such a field that demands hours of standing, focus, maintaining records, assisting, etc. So, if the candidate whether male or female is focused enough to treat the patient’s illness anytime. Then the following list of private nursing colleges in Punjab as willing to provide you the nursing education. Scroll down.

Silver Oaks College of Nursing, Abhirpur, Punjab

Here, the Silver Oaks College of Nursing is choosing the best M.Sc nursing college in India. This is one of the most prestigious nursing colleges in Punjab which is established under the year 2003. Also, it is set up for the site of developing the society along with the knowledge and nursing education. Further, the college of affiliated with the 150 bedded multispeciality parent hospital. With advanced medical services and providing comprehensive.

Top Private Nursing College In India
  • It is spread over the 5 acres of land.
  • This college has a modern infrastructure.
  • The institute is enriched with modern facilities for healthcare.

Srinivas Institute of Nursing Science, Mangalore, Karnataka

Set up in the year 2003, “Srinivas Group of Colleges” is situated in Mangalore, Karnataka. This is the dynamic center of nursing education and excellence recognized by the Government of Karnataka and Karnataka nursing council. Additionally, it comes under the affiliation of the Indian nursing council and Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. And this college also provides the clinical facility in its own Srinivas Hospital Mukka.

Top Private Nursing College In India

Aadi College of Nursing, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Further, the Aadi College of Nursing gets the affiliation from the Indian Nursing Council, Rajasthan Nursing Council, Government of Rajasthan, Rajasthan University of Health Science, Jaipur, New Delhi. Importantly, this nursing college is designed to prepare skilled nurses to serve humanity and prevent diseases. It provides the opportunity of self-employment, private plus government jobs, and international career opportunities. Students will come to experience things like:

  1. OPDs
  2. Wards
  3. Maternal
  4. Child Health clinics
  5. Rural and urban healthcare system
Top Private Nursing College In India

Aarogyam Medical College and Medical, Roorkee, Haridwar, Uttrakhand

Here, the Aarogyam Medical College and Medical, Roorkee is a nursing institute affiliated with the group of the trustee. Additionally, the trustee is a well-qualified person in multiple fields, educationalists, and social workers. To provide you the healthcare services to the citizens at great opportunities and providing education at affordable costs. Also, the quality education to the aspiring Medical, Nursing, and Paramedical students will serve by our medical institute.

Top Private Nursing College In India

Abhaya College of Nursing, Bangalore, Karnataka

One of the leading educational foundations, the “Abhaya group of the institution” provides specialized learning facilities. Further, the college of nursing upholds the reputation of teaching excellence gained. This is the nursing college of excellence, that provides you the supreme and quality education. Also, we are tied up with India’s trusted group of internship programs to make the student’s future brighter. That is why it is known to be one of the best nursing colleges in Bangalore.


Therefore, these are the top-most rated B.Sc nursing colleges in India. So, if you want to choose the nursing field and wish to have a better future then we would like to suggest you enroll in such. Because nursing is a field that comes with an international level of career opportunities. And the demand for nurses is really huge in this globe.