Top highest paying countries for nurses in the world – Nursing is a profession that comes with several golden opportunities. This field has a great chance to work within the health care sector that involves caring for individuals, families, and communities. Further, the responsibilities can range from making acute treatment decisions to serve inoculations in educational sectors. So, let us discuss the top highest paying countries for nurses in the world.

Top Highest Paying Countries For Nurses In The World

Further, if you ever wish to get employed in foreign countries as a registered nurse, we would like to inform you that there is a wide range of options. Also, you must be well-aware that each country needs a work visa in order to work legally. This would be a simpler process if the applicant would work as the international face of a nursing travel agency. Here, check out some of the countries in the world with the higher paid nurses. Now, scroll down for more.

United States

The average salary of registered nurses in the United States is based annually and ranges up to $73,500. This would break down to an average rate of $6,100 per month, $1,400 for a week, and $35.36 per hour. Further, this is much better than the average salary rate than in other countries. Also, other stands of the US like which pay highly include Hawaii, Washington DC, and Massachusetts.

The US has over 3 million RN and they work in a wide range of health care industries. Here, nurses work under the federal government with higher pay and an average annual salary of $87,000. Furthermore, other industries they work include general medical and surgical hospitals, outpatient care centers, colleges, universities, insurance carriers, educational services, and psychiatric, etc. 


A registered nurse in Switzerland with years of experience that can make an average of 6,000CHF, that means $6,000 per month. Usually, people often get paid around 5,000 CHF in starting years. Further, the requirement for all the applicants is that they can frankly speak in national languages like Italian, French, or German.

Virgin Island

Virgin Island is a beautiful place where the career of registered nurses is much higher. So, the average salary of a registered nurse in Virgin Island ranges from $63,000 to $80,000 a year. This Islands board of Nurse Licensure Oversees all applicants. So, you can have a better career on such a beautiful Island.


Some of the job titles are often recognized by the country that includes a registered nurse, psychiatric nurse, community health nurse, and occupational health nurse. Moreover, the average salary of registered nurses in Canada ranges up to $6,000 annually. That means a good nurse can earn $23 per hour, this can increase up to $30 per house over a period of a number of years.

  • Moreover, if you end up working in areas like Nunavut has better salary packages.
  • The salary will be much higher than an average range between $61, 5000 to $92,000 annually.


Here, a registered nurse in Australia can earn up to $56,000 per year. A salary is influenced by factors such as employment areas, experience, qualification, professionalism, unions, etc. Further, the nurses that get employed and live outside the major Australian metropolitan areas. They tend to have a great salary that those who provide services in the more populated groups.

  1. Furthermore, when you get to start working as an RN, your pay will rise to an average rate of 5% each year until you get your experience of 8 years.
  2.  For this, you need to grow your income to get a more senior role or a much-specialized position.
  3. Further, some of the highly paid professions are certified as an RN nurse.
  4. It might include anesthetists, nurse research, mental health nurse practitioner, and certified nurse-midwife.  


Therefore, these are the best place for nurses to work abroad and the best place for nurses to live in as well. And the aforementioned countries will definitely provide you the best salary packages so that you can have a better career in life.  All you need to have is great skills, passion to serve, and a better understanding level to medicate hundreds.