GNM Nursing Jobs and Responsibility Areas:

A GNM nurse tag comes with a lot of responsibilities. And you need to be compatible enough to match up your caliber with this tag. This profession demands a lot from you. You also have to work in night shifts. The most challenging work environment you have to face throughout your whole work life. Your tasks may differ from normal first aid tasks to the lethal ones. Let us first have a look at the career opportunities after GNM courses you can join in.:

  • Clinical nurse specialist.
  • In-charge and helper.
  • Midwife nurse.
  • Traveling nurse.
  • Teacher or junior lecturer.
  • ICU nurse.
  • Operating room nurse.
  • Emergency nurse.
  • Legal nurse consultant.
  • Forensic nurse.

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Course Duration - 3 years
Minimum Qualifications: 10+2 in any stream
GNM nursing college in Punjab – GNM nursing college in Punjab – GNM program is meant to prepare general nurses who can efficiently perform as members of the health team and capable of dealing with all the challenging situations. Therefore, if you are questing for the topmost nursing college for GNM nursing courses in Punjab, you are on the right lane. Because the nursing field is having the splendid scope and career opportunities waiting for you. And in this aspect, Silver Oaks College of Nursing is the best option ever for GNM nursing college in Punjab.

Is it the Right Career?

For those who want to serve humanity, nursing is an ideal job for them. People who acquire immense compassion will power and spirit to serve the diseased and the weak and are willing to work long hours in stressful conditions then this is the right profession for you. This occupation includes the ability to manage different situations and the willingness to adapt to new technology

GNM – First Year

Subject Theory Hours Lab Hours Practical Hours Misc. Hours
Anatomy & Physiology 90
Microbiology 30
Psychology 40
Sociology 20
Fundamentals of Nursing 175 612
First Aid 20
Personal Hygiene 20
Community Health Nursing-I 80 288
Environmental Hygiene 20
Health Education & Communication Skills 20
Nutrition 30
English 30

GNM – Second Year

Subject Theory Hours Lab Hours Practical Hours Misc. Hours
Medical Surgical Nursing I (inc. Pharmacology) 140 828
Medical Surgical Nursing II (Specialities) 120
Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing 70
Community Health Nursing 72
Computer Education 30

GNM – Third Year

Subject Theory Hours Lab Hours Practical Hours Misc. Hours
Midwifery & Gynaecology 120 756
Community Health Nursing-II 100 216
Paediatric Nursing 70 288

GNM – Internship

Subject Practical Hours Practical(in weeks)
Educational Methods & Media for teaching in practice of Nursing 45
Introduction to Research 40
Professional Trends and Adjustments 45
Administration and Ward Management 45
Health Econmonics 20

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